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  • Finding A Job In A Recession
    by Katie Saba - July 18, 2020
    By the time you read this, even the optimists will probably admit we're in a recession. Even if it's not an official recession, it sure feels like one compared to last year. The real estate market has slowed to a sick-dog crawl, hiring is off, and prices are rising. If you're looking for work right now, you have permission to worry. Worry if you need to, but don't panic. For most people, a slow economy ju...
  • Elements To Building Your Resume
    by Katie Saba - July 17, 2020
    Your resume should be viewed as one of the most important marketing tools that gets you in the door to meet with hiring employers. While your resume alone will not land you a job, it can certainly help with your job search goals. From a title that matches the job you want, to including keywords that make your resume stand out, there are some key essentials that you need to consider when developing your resume. 1. Provide t...
  • Commuting To Work
    by Katie Saba - November 22, 2011
    For many Americans, the average work week not only encompasses 40 hours, but also the added time spent commuting back and forth. This can make finding work–life balance a daunting task. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, on average, Americans spend more than 100 hours per year commuting. Add this up on a day–to–day basis, and often times you can be adding an extra hour or more per day to your work week,...