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  • Revolutionizing Customer Reach
    with Mike Smith and Tim Muma - October 27, 2014
    You may have noticed online advertising has taken a seriously direct approach when you're perusing the internet, but many wonder about its staying power and actual value. Mike Smith, vice president at Hearst Magazines Digital Media and the former president of Forbes.com, talks about the enormous impact digital marketing is making, especially targeting individuals consumers in real time. Mike dives into the details with Tim...
  • Modern Corporate Wellness
    with Sidonia Rose Swarm and Tim Muma - August 20, 2014
    Tim Muma takes a look at corporate wellness and how technology can help play a role in this arena now and in the future. To give the audience an idea of how this could look, Sidonia Swarm joins LJNRadio. Sidonia is the founder and CEO of On-Demand Dietitian, and this young company is vying to be a major piece in the corporate wellness puzzle.
  • Hiring for Technical Positions
    with Erik Severinghaus and Tim Muma - August 13, 2014
    Hiring for technical positions can be a difficult chore, especially as the technology itself continues to develop and advance at such a quick pace. Eric Severinghaus is the CEO of SimpleRelevance where technology is at the core of their business. His first-hand insight into this industry gives him a sound perspective on the importance of developing and finding the best talent in the technical field. Eric gives Tim Muma some...
  • Digital Life Management
    with Allison Stadd and Cady Chesney - June 30, 2014
    According to Clive Thimpson, Wired, every day we send 154.6 billion emails, more than 400 million tweets, and over 1 million blog posts. Even on an individual level, managing hundreds of emails, dozens of new blog posts and tweets can be a challenging task. Joining the show to discuss how to manage your professional digital life is Allison Stadd, a digital life coach. With Host Cady Chesney, Allison will explore the ins and...
  • Google Apps in the Workplace
    with Laurie B. and Cady Chesney - May 12, 2014
    Google Apps is an all-in-one package that offers everything from email to word processing and spreadsheets, and it is moving all of these items to the cloud. Laurie, a member of the Google Team at a large retail organization, joins the show to discuss the benefits of using Google Apps for businesses of all sizes, and how you can make the switch to Google Apps.
  • LinkedIn Facts for Recruiting and Hiring
    with Erik Qualman and Tim Muma - May 6, 2014
    The impact of social media on job searching and hiring is present everywhere. LinkedIn is often recognized as a great resource for recruiters to get a professional glimpse (or more) at their potential candidates. Erik Qualman, often called a digital Dale Carnegie, is a number-one Best-Selling Author. Erik joins Tim Muma to discuss the various facts that point to LinkedIn as a place that plays a larger role in one's recruitm...
  • Importance of the LinkedIn Profile
    with Sandra Long and Tim Muma - April 29, 2014
    Having an online presence is extremely important in today's world, with LinkedIn stepping to the forefront when it comes to professional networking. Sandra Long, owner and president of Post Road Consulting, LLC, brings her expertise in this area to LJNRadio. Sandra explains to Tim Muma all the details behind a terrific LinkedIn profile, why it's vital to carefully manage it, and how it helps job seekers and employed profess...
  • The Trend of Learning Code: What's the Impact?
    with Ka Wai Cheung and Tim Muma - April 28, 2014
    Many people see coding as a valuable skill to learn for their career progress or even use it as a jumpstart to becoming a developer. However, the individuals opting for a quick education within specialized schools may lack the required knowledge and ability to succeed. Ka Wai Cheung is the co-founder of DoneDone, a web-based issue tracker that was created in part to help these "non-programmers" who are learning to code. Ka...
  • Overstock.com and Bitcoin
    with Jonathan Johnson and Tim Muma - March 20, 2014
    Overstock.com is on the frontlines as the only major retailer to currently accept Bitcoin, a digital currency, for purchases. Jonathan Johnson, Executive Vice Chairman of the Board for Overstock.com, talks to Tim Muma about the decision to accept Bitcoin and the benefits garnered from it. He also describes how it translates into “real money” and what the future may hold.
  • Growth in Your LinkedIn Group
    with Andrew J. Coate and Tim Muma - March 6, 2014
    LinkedIn is often seen as a hub for job seekers to connect with potential employers and for current employees to network within their industries. While that is true, businesses can utilize LinkedIn as well, creating and growing a group to interact with professionals, customers and clients. Andrew J. Coate, Community and Content Manager for Kapost, joins Tim Muma to give listeners some tips on increasing the size and value o...